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this morning. we will tell you why. >> you are watching wbal tv 11 news at 6:00. >> the big story tonight, labor day weekend in baltimore. we have live team coverage of everything you need to know for the final weekend of summer. john collins is tracking the possibility of heavy rain with parts of the state under warnings for flash floods. sheldon dutes is live at the finale of the grand prix. >> the flood threat is for areas south of baltimore. that is where the rain has been falling today. we have been lucky in the metropolitan area. the rain has been minimal. we got hit yesterday with rain shower activity. the rain is on the lower eastern shore. it is raining in st. mary's county. that is where flooding has been an issue.
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in at our area, a couple of sprinkles. i will put the radar in motion. i will add the satellite imagery. the sun is breaking out around charlottesville. the rain has moved to the east. sun has not been a thing around baltimore. rain continues overhead. i will have the forecast coming up. >> within the last 60 minutes, the main race for the 2012 grand prix wrapped up with the defending champion taking the top prize. it looks like things are winding down. >> they sure are. we are set up along the convoy portion of the track. a lot of excitement has drifted to the winner's circle. a lot of people have taken off. it was not long after the race ended that people started clearing out. today was the last day of the
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baltimore grand prix. people came out to watch the following races. they came to see several of the races. i covered the event last year. it was easier driving around downtown this year. race officials have not elaborated on ticket sales hit. they say that sales are down compared to last year. they estimate 100,000 people came out over the course of the week to downtown baltimore. that is still a lot of people. spectators say it did not feel as crowded as last year. that did not bother them because they have more space to watch the race. >> i think this year, it was better. there was more space to walk around. >> the crowd was not quite as heavy. it was spread out. it was more comfortable, but the weather was not as nice. >> we have made sure there are
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ground level gates and people can flow. traffic has been good for people. we have made sure downtown baltimore is open for business. we have done partnerships. people have been able to go back and forth. >> organizers had a longer time to coordinate the event than other organizers. they teamed up to organize this year's grand prix. when will the downtown streets reopen? i just spoke to the traffic department. she says that crews will be working through the night to break down the track. they will be working tonight into tomorrow. the roads should be open for the monday morning commute -- tuesday morning commute. >> for anyone who has hit the road this weekend, is an all- time record. we are paying the highest price
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at the pump in the history of labor day weekend. 11 news found prices in baltimore at the lower range. most prices are around $3.77 a gallon. last labor day, we were paying more than 20 cents west. -- less. analysts are blaming refinery closers. when the workers returned to the rigs in the gulf, we will see prices go back down. a labor day weekend party is now at the center of a homicide investigation. city police are searching for the person who shot and killed amos. the ball to were county woman was in the front yard of -- the baltimore county woman was in the front yard of a party around 2:15 this morning. someone fired shots, one striking her in the chest. it looks like she was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. detectives do not think she was
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the intended target. no suspects have been named. police have no leads or a motive. in northeast baltimore, the search is on for three men who shot a food delivery man as he was dropping off an order placed last night -- late last night. it happened last night along clifton terrace. three strangers walked up to his car, pulled out a gun, and started to shoot. the 30-year-old man was able to drive off but not before being shot. he struck several parked cars. he is expected to make a full recovery. police are looking for three african-american men involved in the shooting. two baltimore city detectives are on leave tonight after police say they shot and wounded an armed man on duty. you saw it with breaking news last night at 11:00. we have learned detectives are part of the violent crime impact section. police say it was around 10:00 in north baltimore when police
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noticed an armed man sitting on the steps of the house. when they approached him, he allegedly ran inside. at one point, police say he pointed a handgun in their direction. that is when officers fired. the man is listed in critical but stable condition. police have launched an investigation into the incident. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] the democratic national convention in north carolina is just two days away. it has president obama back on the campaign trail trying to build momentum. there are already protests in downtown charlotte. steve hamilton has a look at the action. >> we are in charlotte, home of this year's national convention. north carolina is a critical battleground in the race for the white house, along with other states like colorado, ohio, and florida. arriving in charlotte for the
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democratic convention, delegates from florida who -- hope this week boosts their efforts in the battleground states. >> it will be down to the wire. what is nice about the convention is it ramps everybody a. >> it has become kind of an obama-fest. >> college students are in town grateful he kept rates low on still lows. >> we're in this together. >> president obama is crossing battleground states on his way to charlotte. today, colorado talking about his gm and chrysler bailout. >> i bet on american workers and manufacturers. today, the u.s. auto industry has come back. >> he defended obamacare. >> i do not know what the other side is proposing. i guess you could call it romney does not care. >> joe biden was mocking mitt
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romney and paul ryan. >> these guys say the president is out of touch? a swiss bank account. millions in the cayman islands. who is out of touch? >> mitt romney stayed out of the fray in new hampshire. in charlotte, a few hundred activists protested the city's big banks and demanded tougher environmental laws as the president headed toward his convention. tomorrow, mr. obama campaigns in ohio, a critical battleground. then he goes to louisiana. from charlotte, wbal-tv 11 news. >> things are back to normal at the airport. a number of flights were put on hold this morning. part of a ground stoppage at three major airports. the problem has been traced to a fire at an office refrigerator
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and faa facility outside of d.c. flames broke out and the radar facility that handle flights to the area. the grounding was put in place at 8:40 this morning. he remains in critical condition. members of his church tells us when he returns, they are planning something
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>> the church attended by the perry hall high school shooting is preparing a celebration when he returns to worship. 11 news has learned the pastor is working with church officials to plan a day to honor daniel as they raise money to pay for his medical expenses. he was critically injured on
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monday shot during the first day of class. he is still in the running for
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>> your insta-weather plus 4 past with meteorologist john collins. >> most of the rain is on the lower eastern shore. a lot of it around richmond where they may have flooding
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problems this evening. the sun is breaking out in virginia. a lot to the west of us as well. some of the showers today were part of isaac. 83 was the high today. 83 is typical of this time of year. the record was 99 in 1953. 82 in annapolis. 73 at the boardwalk where it is raining. frederick, 81. lighter clouds to the west. the sun is trying to warm things up. fredericksburg, 79. 81 in charlottesville. petersburg has sunshine at 83 degrees. there is the son that has broken through in parts of virginia, even west virginia. a lot more cloudiness to the west. here is what is left of isaac. a front stalled on top of us. very tropical.
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most of the rain has been just to the south. in baltimore, no rain today. south of annapolis and in the washington area, they did have rain shower activity. the front will be here tomorrow. the weak low pressure center will be in illinois and indiana tomorrow. we will not see big change in the weather. a risk of rain tonight. it will be cloudy and humid if it is not raining. tomorrow, 79 to 83 for highs. about the same as today. we still have the rain risk tomorrow. generally cloudy skies with the chance of scattered storms. some rain could be heavy. the wind southeast 5 to 10 knots. how much rain could we get tomorrow? the futurecast for rainfall totals indicates as much as an inch around baltimore. a little more on the eastern shore and to the southwest. the ocean city forecast just as
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potentially wet. a 70% chance of storms tonight. the 60% chance monday. 40% chance tuesday. high temperatures on the boardwalk around 80 degrees. the long-term forecast keeps rain in the forecast through thursday. saturday and sunday, rain possibilities again. >> a big weekend for mark reynolds. >> so much going on with toronto and the yankees. mark reynolds did something
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the car on the left was filled up with low detergent gasoline. the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left. go a little farther with bp gasoline with invigorate. now you have the power to lower gas prices with the bp visa with pump rewards. apply at >> this is 11 sports. >> amazing how expectations have
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changed in the short time. from 2011 to 2012, it is unbelievable. it is easy to say we should have swept the yankees. the reality is baltimore went on the road trip and won five out of seven. chris hillman -- tillman lack his usual velocity in struggled early. tagged out. yankees went up 2-0. tillman had to leave with arm soreness. the best we can at yankee stadium for an oriole in 31 years. buck turned to randy. his debut went well. he gave up just one run. matt has a four-game history against the yankees. he did it again.
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the second to-home run game of the series. more importantly, 5-3. nick, a two-run single. 8-3 was the final perio. randy wolf got the win. welcome to the club. >> in september in a playoff hunt, that is what makes baseball so much fun. i knew my role was going to be different here. i told them i would be ready for anything and do what i can help out. >> let's check the standings in the east. the orioles move within two games of the yankees. in the wild card, a winning streak for the a's. they are winning today. birds head to toronto for three
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with the jays. it is the second year for the grand prix in town. they put on a good show this afternoon. the rain held off enough to get it off without problems. some guys had a problem. lap nine. hunter ray timed the flag. wrigley. -- timed the flag perfectly. conley lost the track. he moves within 17 points for the lead. he is in the finale in two weeks. the ravens have time off. but the front office is busy. he started 12 games for the
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patriots in 2011. jones ended his holdout in jacksonville. for fantasy players, the draft of jones, congrats to you. he should be active. stay with us for another check of the forecast after this.
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>> rain, rain, go away.
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>> tomorrow, labor day, it is not going to rain all day. the chance is still there for scattered showers and storms. i will put it nicely. there could be generous rain. temperatures will only be around 80 degrees. here is the forecast. the storm and mr. hangs around until the middle of the week. by thursday, the chances start going down. they go up again next weekend. we will not be dry. i will put it that way. >> that is it for 11 news at 6:00. nbc nightly news is next. we will see you back here at 11:00. [captionin
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>> this is a wbal-tv 11 editorial. >> traditionally, the first day of school signals a new beginning. unfortunately, that was not the case for perry hall high school. a 17-year-old was shot by a 15- year old. immediate action by a guidance counselor to subdue the shooter prevented further carnage. it appears the emergency evacuation plan worked. now the healing begins for the victim and the student body. increased security and counseling have been provided for students and staff. it has a reputation as a top- performing schools. officials say they will continue to concentrate on that goal as a share a concern for the victim and suspect. having the first week of school
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in with a 15-year-old student charged as an adult with attempted murder is not on the agenda for the school or the new ceo. but now it is the reality. one lesson for adults is that while gun ownership is a right, it comes with the responsibility of securing weapons so they are of securing weapons so they are not accessible to children.
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chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save.

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